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OIP Administrative Fee

All students pay the OIP Administrative Fee when they study abroad. This covers the university’s administrative costs for sending students abroad, such as program development and evaluation, outreach, advising, application processing, financial operations, pre-departure preparation, emergency response, and foreign credit posting. For some programs, you'll pay the fee as part of your LUC study abroad application, while for other programs you'll pay the fee around the start of your actual program.  See the Payment Procedures page for more information about when and how you'll pay this charge.

The fee amount varies based on the program type and length that you select.  For the specific fee amount for your program, refer to the Summary Approximate Costs Chart.

If you are both a current LUC ACE student and are currently receiving a Pell Grant to attend Loyola, you may be eligible for an OIP Administrative Fee waiver.  To request a fee waiver, first start your study abroad application, then email the Director of Study Abroad.