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Affordable Programs

We offer many study abroad programs that cost about the same as tuition, room, and board back home at Loyola.  Don't allow misconceptions about study abroad affordability to deter you from exploring the world! 

Affordable Study Abroad Options


These affordable programs are in numerous countries and cover many different academic subject areas.  Yes, study abroad can be affordable!

Let's Hear from Some Students

“The cost for [my study abroad] was the same cost as tuition at Loyola if not cheaper. It was a great experience and I’m happy I chose to go abroad rather than just take summer classes. It was well worth it.”  —Nia Lewis, summer in Ghana

"It wound up being so much cheaper than a semester at Loyola. I saved a lot of money!"  —Yoni Siden, semester in India

“I always wanted to but I didn’t think I could though because I knew I couldn’t afford it. I was already taking out loans to go to Loyola as is so study abroad seemed like something I couldn’t do, but then it turned out that it was the exact same price, it all (financial aid) rolled over so it was like studying here."  —Luis Quijano, exchange semester in Spain