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The OIP Administrative Fee is not refundable nor is the Faculty-Led Program Fee Deposit, unless all Loyola University Chicago student participation in the study abroad program to which you have applied has been administratively cancelled by the University.  

All other study abroad fees are generally not refundable either after they are paid to Loyola or are posted on your LUC Bursar account, which typically occurs well in advance of departure.  Exceptions may be possible on a case-by-case basis and will only be considered if:
the reason for the refund is involuntary call to active U.S. military duty, death of the program participant, death of an immediate family member, emergency involving an immediate family member that requires the program participant's presence at home, or severe illness of the program participant that prohibits overseas travel; 
the program participant emails the Director of Study Abroad to officially request the refund and includes official documentation attesting to the reason for the refund request; AND
the aforementioned official refund request email is received at least 30 days prior to program departure or 30 days prior to the first day of classes at LUC Lake Shore Campus for that semester, whichever comes first.There is no guarantee of a refund. Refunds are not possible after six months from the date of the payment, as per university policy.  Refunds to program participants are not possible unless OIP can obtain a refund from the entity to which payments were paid on behalf of the program participant.  Students who leave a program before that program's official completion are fully responsible for all costs associated with leaving the program and/or returning to the United States.  No refund will be granted to a program participant who has violated any LUC policy; violated a U.S., Illinois, or Chicago law or ordinance; violated a law of the program location(s); or been asked to leave the program by the faculty leader, OIP, or the host program director.  If the program is cancelled by OIP, refunds can be made only for payments for which OIP can obtain from the entities to which payments were paid on behalf of the program participants.

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