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For Interested Students

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Thinking about studying abroad?  Want to find out about the possibilities for you? Need some help sorting through the options and things to consider? 

Take these easy steps to start the journey of a lifetime!

Step 1: Find the right program for you

Here at Loyola there are a wide variety of programs all over the world. You might find yourself on an American-style campus taking courses in English or living with a host family while taking classes at a local university. When looking into programs, be sure to consider eligibility, costs, and deadlines.  

If you need help getting started, start by checking out the wealth of information posted across this website.

Step 2: Connect with the study abroad office

Once you've decided on a program, or at least decided on a particular country, schedule an appointment on Navigate.

Step 3: Start your application

Once you've chosen your program, start your application at this site!

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