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For Graduate Students

Are you interested in one of the graduate study abroad programs listed below?  

If so, please click the program's link for more information and to apply.  


Are you interested in a study abroad program that's not listed on this page?

Loyola's study abroad programs (other than those listed on this page as specifically for graduate students) are designed for undergraduate students and bear undergraduate course credit.  If you're a graduate student interested in studying abroad on a program other than the graduate student programs listed on this page, you'll need to pursue special permission from your graduate program's director and from the Associate Director for Study Abroad.  

Are you traveling internationally for another activity that is part your graduate program or are you taking an international trip on which you're acting as a Loyola representative?  

If so, and your international activity isn't listed above, please visit the Loyola-Related International Travel Registration for Graduate Students page for more information on registering your travel with the university.  

student at Vietnam temple