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Course Approvers Table

Not sure who the correct approver is for your study abroad course approval request?  Please refer to the table below. 

For background information about study abroad courses, be sure to read all the information at the For Interested Students > Courses page.

If you don't see the proper situation listed below for the type of study abroad course approval you're seeking, please email the Associate Director for Study Abroad.

If you're a course approver and need assistance, please see the For Loyola Employees > Approve Study Abroad Courses help page. 


If you're requesting credit for _____ ...

...the course approver is Professor __________ .

the actuarial science minor Anthony Giaquinto
the advertising minor Pamela Morris
the advertising and public relations major Pamela Morris
the advertising creative major Pamela Morris
the advocacy and social change major or minor Elizabeth Lozano
the African studies and diaspora major or minor Brian Endless
the anthropology major or minor Paula Tomczak
the applied mathematics major John Del Greco
Arabic language (including this minor) Sawsan Abbadi (students: see note below*)
the Asian studies minor John Pincince
the art history major or minor Rafael Vera
the bioethics minor Jennifer Parks
the biochemistry major Patrick Daubenmire
the bioinformatics major Catherine Putonti
the biology major or minor James Cheverud
the biophysics major Constantin Rasinariu
the biostatistics minor Anthony Giaquinto
any business major Matt Rombach
the Catholic studies minor Naomi Fisher
the chemistry major or minor Patrick Daubenmire
Chinese language (including this minor) Hong Chen
the classical civilization major or minor Laura Gawlinski
the communication studies major and minor Elizabeth Lozano
the computer crime and forensics minor Ronald Greenberg
the computer science major or minor Ronald Greenberg
Core Currlculum Dana Garbarski
the criminal justice and criminology major or minor Don Stemen
the cybersecurity major Ronald Greenberg
the dance major or minor Sandra Kaufmann
the data science major and minor John Del Greco
the drawing, painting and printmaking major or minor Rafael Vera
any education major or minor Blake Chambliss or Guofang Wan
the engaged learning requirement Patrick Green
any engineering major Gail Baura
the English major or minor Jasper Cragwall
any environmental policy, science, or studies major or minor Christopher Peterson
the ethics and moral philosophy minor Tom Carson
the European studies minor Laura Gawlinski
the exercise science major and minor Jenna Donovan
the film and digital media major and minor Elizabeth Coffman
the forensic science major Garry Bombard
French language (including this major and minor) Eliana Vagalau
the global and international studies major or minor Tracy Pintchman
German language (including this minor) Reinhard Andress
the Greek major or minor Laura Gawlinski
the healthcare administration major or minor Jenna Donovan
the history major or minor Tanya Stabler
the human services major Layla Suleiman-Gonzales
Italian language (including this major and minor) Cristina Lombardi
the interreligious and interfaith studies minor Devorah Schoenfeld
Japanese language (including this minor) Janet Fair
other languages not specifically listed elsewhere in this table Susana Cavallo
the music major or minor Anthony Molinaro
the multimedia journalismmajor Patricia Lamberti
any nursing major Abby Marquis or Carrie Daut
photography major or minor Rafael Vera
Polish language (including this minor) Bozena McLees
the political science major or minor Alexandru Grigorescu
the psychology major or minor Robert Morrison
the sculpture and ceramics major or minor Rafael Vera
the social work major or minor Jeanne Sokolec
the sociology major or minor Judson Everitt
Spanish language (including this major and minor) Clara Burgo
the statistics major or minor Michael Perry
the theatre major or minor Mark Lococo or Lee Keenan
the theology major or minor Lauren O'Connell
visual communication major or minor Rafael Vera
*Are you seeking Arabic language study abroad credit?  Then submit your course approval request through your application to study abroad at this website.  Then, as an additional step, Arabic language study abroad course approver Dr. Sawsan Abbadi also wants you to email her your rationale for taking the Arabic study abroad course(s) in which you're interested.