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Approve Study Abroad Courses

Thanks for helping our students get their study abroad courses approved to fulfill the students' degree program requirements.  Loyola Study Abroad has deployed a new course approval process that is directly integrated into the student's study abroad application and offers additional approver-side improvements. 

Step 1: Receive Pending Approval Email

Check your email for a pending approval for courses message.  Click on the "Please click here to review" link in that email. 

The email is generated by the student when s/he is working a study abroad application and requests to have a specific course approved.  If you didn't receive the recommendation request email, check your junk mail folder and/or ask the student to generate a new email in the application system.

Step 2: Review Foreign Course

After you've clicked on the "Please click here to review" link in the email described in step 1 above, the Course Approval Request webpage > Details tab should load.  At that page, you can view:
  • Application Information section: the application status, study abroad program name, academic period, dates, applicant name, applicant email
  • Course Approval section: the foreign course title, number of foreign credits, the foreign course syllabus/course description, or a link to them. It is here that you can indicate the Loyola equivalent home course and credits, the Loyola credit type (i.e. major, minor, language credit), and you can type comments.
If you need more information from the student about her/his requested course approval, please email the student or reject the course and indicate insufficient information was submitted in the comments. 

Step 3: Approve or Reject

Look at the bottom of the Course Approval Request webpage > Details tab, then click either the REJECT button and an APPROVE button.  An email will automatically be sent to the applicant with a status update of their Course Approval Request.


Are you looking for study abroad courses you approved for pre-Spring 2021 study abroad?  Login to the old course approval site to access your old approvals history.

If you have any questions or need any support to complete study abroad course approval requests, please email the Director of Study Abroad.