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In order to study abroad, you must meet Loyola's general eligibility requirements as well as any additional requirements specific to your selected program.  

General Study Abroad Eligibility

To be generally eligible to study abroad, you must

  • be a currently enrolled Loyola student*, 
  • ​be 18 years of age (at the time of application), 
  • be in good academic standing
  • have zero incomplete grades in LOCUS,
  • have an Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) record with zero incomplete Sanctions and/or Assigned Outcomes,
  • have an OSCCR record with fewer than 3 combined Category C and/or B infractions**,
  • be in good financial standing with the University,
  • be clear of all holds in LOCUS (on the first day of registration for the term you plan to be abroad),
  • submit a complete study abroad application prior to the deadline published on your specific program's page at this website, AND
  • be sufficiently mature, resilient, and collegial to likely succeed on a study abroad program.

Program-Specific Requirements

Many programs have additional eligibility requirements, such as a minimum GPA, minimum class standing, or faculty leader approval.  For program-specific requirements, check the webpage for your specific program at this website.  For example, the Loyola Vietnam Center requires a 2.75 GPA minimum, the exchange programs require sophomore status, and faculty-led programs require additional approval from the professor teaching the traveling course.

First-Year Students

You can study abroad as a first-year student at Loyola on some of our faculty-led programs.  Please contact OIP for details on which of our faculty-led programs are open to first-year programs.  For all other programs, you'll generally need to be at least a second-year during your study abroad term.

Non-Loyola (Visiting) Students

*If you aren't a degree-seeking student at Loyola, yes, you can study abroad on our Global Centers and Global Faculty-Led Programs, you just need to be admitted to Loyola as a visiting student first.  For assistance with applying to Loyola as a visiting student, please contact Ms. Cecilia Razo-Seifert in LUC Undergraduate Admissions.  For assistance completing your study abroad application at this website, please contact us at OIP.

OSCCR Records and Study Abroad

**If your OSCCR record has 3 or more combined Category C and/or B infractions, you are not ordinarily eligible to study abroad.  You may, however, still apply to study abroad and undergo a special review of your conduct record.  Complete your LUC study abroad application and OIP will contact you if you need to take additional action for special review such as meeting with OIP personnel. Students whose OSCCR records show additional Category C and/or B violations after OIP approval/acceptance, but before the commencement of study abroad, may have their approval/acceptance to study abroad revoked. (Please see the OSCCR Community Standards for more information on categories of violations and assigned outcomes/sanctions.) 

Limit to Study Abroad Terms

There is no limit to the number terms you may apply to study abroad at the LUC Global Centers, faculty-led programs, and exchanges.  For all other study abroad programs you are limited to a total of two terms (fall + spring + January term + summer).