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Teach Graduate Courses Abroad

Is your graduate program planning to take a graduate course abroad?

If your answer is yes, then you're in the right place.  Please keep reading for information on how to notify OIP and prepare for your graduate course's travel abroad.  

Why should I notify the Office of International Programs about my graduate course abroad?

By notifying OIP that your graduate course is traveling abroad, your employee and graduate student travelers will receive information to help the group prepare for safe, healthy, and productive travel.  Your notification enables OIP to help the group in the event of an emergency.  Also, your notification enables OIP to facilitate enrollment in the Loyola education abroad insurance, which is provided by Cultural Insurance and Services International (CISI).  Please notify OIP well in advance of your group's departure in order to provide the necessary lead time required for preparation.  

What information do I need to send to OIP about my graduate course abroad?

Have the faculty member leading the course abroad email the following information to Brian Johnson:

  1. What are subject code and number of the course that is traveling abroad (i.e. CIEP 556)?
  2. What are the destination city and country?
  3. What are the start date and end date of course's travel abroad?
  4. Who is faculty member(s) traveling with the students?
  5. Who are the additional Loyola employees (if any) traveling with the students (i.e. as additional chaperone)?
  6. Who are the additional Loyola personnel (if any) assisting with organizing the travel (who may or may not be traveling themselves)?
  7. Will your department be paying for the students' CISI (education abroad insurance) or will the students be paying themselves?

What happens next?

First, OIP will create a page at which your students will complete a simple study abroad application, sign study abroad release and policy acknowledgement forms, receive insurance enrollment and use information, receive pre-departure safety and health information, update their emergency contact information, and upload their travel documents.

Second, OIP will provide access to the personnel identified in numbers 4, 5, and 6 above to login to this site and access your students' study abroad application data (such as emergency contact information and passports).

Third, OIP will email instructions to the traveling Loyola employees on how they will register their travel and obtain their own CISI insurance coverage.