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Access an Advisee's Course Approvals

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Are you an academic advisor looking for your advisee's list of study abroad course approvals?  Please follow the instructions here to access those records.

Step 1: Receive email stating that your advisee's study abroad transcript has arrived at the Office of International Programs.

This email will come from Loyola Registration and Records and will arrive in your (the academic advisor) inbox after a student completes their study abroad program.  How long after?  Depending on the program, the abroad transcript arrives at OIP anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after the program's end.

Step 2: Access your advisee's study abroad transcript in DocFinity.

Once you receive the email from OIP, you'll be able to access your advisee's study abroad transcript in DocFinity. Log into LOCUS > click "Administrative Center."  Enter the student's Loyola ID number (LID) > click the search button. Click the DocFinity button in the upper right hand corner (while you're viewing the default Student Center tab).  In the search results, look in the "Category" column for "OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS" and in the "Document Type" column for "OFFICIAL COLLEGE ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT."

Step 3: Access your advisee's study abroad course approvals list

  1. At, click the LOGIN link (upper-right corner of page).
  2. On the “User Login” page, click the button for “LUC students & employees login here.”
  3. Login with your LUC username and password.
  4. Click on the hamburger menu button > Administrative link OR if you don’t see the hamburger icon, click on the home menu button > Administrative link.
  5. In the black menu bar near the top of the  page, click Applicants > Course Approval Requests.
  6. On the Course Approval Requests Page, you'll see seven different columns where you can filter the results
    • Click on the Applicant filter, then type in your advisee's last name. 
    • Click on the Status filter and select "All"
    • If you do not see your advisee's information, you can also use the Term, Year and Program Filters to find them. 
  7. You are now viewing all the courses approvals that the student submitted.  Note in the "Status" column whether a course was Approved or Rejected.  Click on the up-and-down arrows icon in the right-right column. 
    • In the Details tab, read more information about the course. 
    • In the Approvers tab, read who approved the course and any additional comments the approver submitted.
    • In the Related Course Approval tab, read all the other course approval requests that this student submitted.

Additional Information

  • If you have trouble loading the Course Approval Requests page, try using a different browser. 
  • For each student, the courses are listed in the order in which they were approved or rejected. 
  • A course may be rejected when first submitted and then later re-submitted and approved. This may happen for a variety of reasons, for example, the student did not include a syllabus the first time they submitted the course or they submitted it with the incorrect home course. If you have questions, look in the Approvers tab for comments about the course. 
  • At this time, we do not use the study plan feature.
If you have any questions or need any support, please email the study abroad advisor for the region in which the program is located.