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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Program Terms: January Term, Spring Semester, Summer
  • Restrictions: Loyola applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Program Description:
ENVS 340-BIOL 340 in BelizePhoto by Brittany Taylor, Faculty-Led Program in Belize.

Welcome, prospective study abroad faculty leaders!

Thanks for your interest in taking your LUC class on a Faculty-led Study Abroad Program in coordination with the Office of International Programs (OIP).  This Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Proposal site is intended to direct LUC faculty members through the process to obtain official approval for your program. 

All proposals must be submitted and approved through this site and in accordance with the procedures detailed here.  It is the policy of the Office of the Provost that all undergraduate faculty-led study abroad programs be administered through OIP.

What is a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program?

Faculty-led study abroad programs ("faculty-led programs") are LUC courses developed and taught by LUC faculty that include class travel outside of the United States.  A faculty-led study abroad program group consists of the faculty leader, students, and a program assistant.  The program assistant is a required additional LUC employee or a LUC graduate student that serves as an additional instructor and/or chaperone for the student group. 

For faculty-led programs programs taking place during the January Term and the Summer terms, the entire course takes place abroad.   For Spring, the courses meet regularly on campus throughout the semester, with the group going abroad during the LUC Spring Break.  Students earn direct LUC course credit on all programs.

How does a faculty-led program get planned?

For faculty-led programs, OIP will: 

  • collect, review, and process student applications;
  • collect student payments;
  • purchase and enroll travelers in education abroad insurance;
  • pay host organizations and vendors;
  • enroll students in the program's course; and
  • connect proposing faculty to abroad host organizations.  

It's highly recommended that faculty members discuss their initial plans with the Director of Study Abroad by emailing to make an appointment.

The faculty leader handles all logistical planning, with the assistance of a study abroad host organization. 

What host organization may I use?

You're welcome to submit a proposal using the study abroad host organization of your choice, however, your host organization must be capable of complying with Loyola University Chicago academic, business, and risk management practices.  For example, your host organization must be capable of and agree to:
  • provide a consolidated proposal contract and invoice showing all services to be provided;
  • provide a single point of contact with whom OIP will interface on all issues;
  • provide a proposal/contract/invoice written in English;
  • provide a proposal/contract/invoice detailing a per-person participation cost;
  • provide a breakdown of academic costs (excursions, guest lecturer honoraria, and classroom space) versus all other costs (i.e. ground transportation, accommodations, and visas); 
  • accept Electronic Funds Transfer payments;
  • provide a properly completed W-9 or W-8BEN; AND
  • provide a final per-person cost by August 1 prior to program start in the form of a contract.
Your host organization must also be free of Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions.  

Examples of some host organizations and the location(s) each host serves are:

Locations Served

Host Name

Vietnam & Cambodia

Loyola Vietnam Center

Italy (Rome)

Loyola Rome Center

Africa (Sub-Saharan)
Asia (East)
Australia and New Zealand
Latin America
North Africa

Institute for the International Education of Students

Africa (Sub-Saharan)
Latin America
Middle East
​Pacific Islands

School for International Training
Click for specific locations
(updated Fall 2020).

Australia and New Zealand
Latin America and the Caribbean
Middle East
South Asia

Academic Programs International - Customized Programs


Customized Educational Programs Abroad

Belize (La Democracia village)

Monkey Bay - Customized Programs

Colombia (Bogota)

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogota


Maynooth University International Office

Ireland Mary Immaculate College International Office

Peru (Lima)

Universidad del Pacifico - Tailor Made Programs

Mexico (Mexico City)

Universidad Iberoamericana Faculty-Led Programs

Spain (Sevilla and Cordoba)

Universidad Loyola Andalucia

Switzerland (Zurich and Winterthur)

ZHAW School of Management and Law Customized Study Trips

When may faculty-led programs travel?

Faculty-led programs travel over the LUC January Term, LUC Spring Break, or during the LUC summer terms.  For summer faculty-led programs, the class typically is abroad for one to five weeks at any point during the summer.  You, the faculty leader, will work out exact program dates with OIP and your academic department based on the needs of your course and availability of your housing, excursions, and host organization abroad. 

Where may faculty-led programs travel?

Faculty-led programs should plan travel only to places where the faculty leader has lived, extensively worked, researched, taught about, and/or feels comfortable leading a student group.  Programs to High-Risk Destinations will not be approved.  

Is proposal writing assistance available?

Yes! Just contact our office to make an appointment.

When are the proposal deadlines?

You must submit your proposal to your chair and dean with ample time allowed for their internal review.  It is recommended you give your chair at least two weeks to review and your dean an additional two weeks to review.  You should also check with your chair and dean to ask if they have specific internal deadlines for your department and/or school.

For programs planning to travel:      

...the proposal deadline for final submission to OIP, with signatures from your chair and dean, is:

any time during 2020 (i.e. January Term 2020, Spring Break 2020, and any summer 2020 term) 05/1/2019
any time during 2021 (i.e. January Term 2021, Spring Break 2021, and any summer 2021 term) 05/1/2020
EXTENDED to 6/1/2020 due to COVID-19 impacting LUC operations
any time during 2022 (i.e. January Term 2022, Spring Break 2022, and any summer 2022 term) 05/1/2021
any time during 2023 (i.e. January Term 2023, Spring Break 2023, and any summer 2023 term) 05/1/2022
Proposal deadlines are set in order to allow ample time for the Office of the Provost to confer final approval, for OIP to finalize your budget, for OIP to build your program's student application website, for you recruit and advise students, for OIP to review student applications and process their payments, for OIP to receive invoices and make payments, and for you and OIP to hold pre-departure orientation.  For these reasons, as well as needing to fit into the normal operational calendars of the OIP and necessary collaborating offices inside and outside of Loyola, proposals submitted after the deadlines cannot be accepted. 

What is the minimum number of students required?

There are two minima to consider.  OIP requires 10 students at a minimum.  In addition, the proposing faculty member should clarify with his/her department chair if their department and/or school requires more than 10 students be registered for the proposed course.  For example, the College of Arts and Sciences requires 12, not 10, students.  

Can a person go on a faculty-led program but not take the course?

No.  Every participant on a faculty-led study abroad program must be admitted into the study abroad program and be enrolled in the associated course.  

How do faculty members submit a proposal for review?

Any faculty member at Loyola University Chicago who is a full-time employee of LUC may submit a proposal.  This includes faculty who are full-time Instructors, Lecturers, and Clinical Faculty as well as full-time LUC staff who additionally teach at LUC.  Part-time faculty are not eligible, unless they are also otherwise a full-time Loyola employee. 

Please note that this is a competitive proposal process and that a limited of number of proposals will be accepted.  Proposal review will carefully consider each program's likelihood of successfully attracting the required minimum number of students as well as the capacity of OIP to responsibly operate a limited number of programs. 

To begin your proposal, click the "Apply Now" button at the bottom of this page.

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.