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  • Restrictions: Loyola applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Class Eligibility: Graduate/Professional
Program Description:

Are you traveling internationally for an activity that is part your graduate program or are you taking an international trip on which you're acting as a Loyola representative?  

This includes, but isn't limited to, international travel to conduct research, attend a conference, and/or participate in a Loyola student organization activity.  If your answer is yes, please keep reading for information on how to register and prepare for your Loyola-related international travel.  

What is the Loyola-Related International Travel Registration?

The Travel Registration is a portal, accessed by clicking the "Apply Now" button below, that provides a means to register your Loyola-related international travel.  Inside of the portal, you'll find information to help you prepare for safe, healthy, and productive international travel.  Inside the portal, you'll also provide details on your trip, so that Loyola is able to help you in the event of an emergency.  

All Loyola graduate students participating in Loyola-related international travel must register at this site.  Loyola must be able to account for your whereabouts on Loyola-related international travel, especially in times of crisis.  

Who should complete the Loyola-Related International Travel Registration?

You should complete the Travel Registration if you're traveling internationally for:

  • research activities (such as field work or conferences abroad) that are part of your graduate program or employment (such as a research assistantship) at Loyola,
  • teaching activities (such as taking students abroad) that are part of your graduate program or employment (such as a teaching assistantship) at Loyola, or
  • service activities (such as travel for professional organizations or student organizations abroad) that are part of your graduate program at Loyola.  
You should complete the Travel Registration even if your Loyola-related international travel is only for a few days.  For more information, view the International Travel Policy at the Loyola University Chicago Policies website and the Coronavirus Updates Travel Policy page

The Travel Registration is not for travel for purposes of vacation or pleasure; travel for work outside your graduate program or employment at Loyola; nor for travel for outside consultancies or work engaged on behalf of other institutions or companies, unless such work is performed in conjunction with a Loyola grant.  The Travel Registration is not for non-Loyola persons (i.e. persons who are neither Loyola employees nor Loyola students of any type).

What is the Loyola international traveler insurance?

All graduate students traveling on Loyola-related international travel must be covered by the Loyola education abroad insurance for the duration of their Loyola-related international travel, per International Travel Policy at the Loyola University Chicago Policies website.  This insurance is provided by Cultural Insurance and Services International (CISI).

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers possible situations applicable to education abroad travel that are rarely covered by your standard U.S.-based health insurance, such as emergency medical, environmental disaster, or civil disturbance evacuation.  Familiarize yourself with the Loyola CISI Brochure for details on the insurance plan.​

How do I enroll in the insurance?

Ask your trip leader (such as your professor, department chair, faculty sponsor, or coach) if your trip leader is enrolling the group, or if you're responsible to self-enroll.  If you are self-enrolling, please follow these directions:

Self-Enroll Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. When prompted for a sponsor code, enter LUC-SE
  3. Pay with your credit card.  The charge should be about $50.
  4. Print the confirmation page and your ID card.  Keep that ID card on your person at all times while traveling internationally.  

If you have self-enrollment questions, please call 800-303-8120 or email

How do I get my insurance card?

When you enroll in the insurance, you'll have the opportunity to print your insurance card.  CISI will also email your insurance card, policy details, proof of purchase, and instructions on how to access your account at the CISI website.  Be on the lookout for a message from the email domain 

What do I do after I receive my insurance card?

Print out the insurance card and carry it with you at all times.  Also, save a copy of the insurance card file on your phone. 

Login to your myCISI portal, where you can access important insurance documents and emergency contact information as well as purchase optional trip interruption coverage.  Click here for the myCISI Participant Portal Guide and the myCISI Traveler App Guide once you're enrolled in the insurance policy.

How do I use the insurance? 

Notify your on-site hosts abroad if possible so they can help assist you.  Call CISI to open a case.  If calling from overseas, the 24-hour number to use is 01-312-935-1703 (collect calls accepted). Calls from the U.S. should go to the 24-hour number at 855-327-1411.

Remember that your ID number is the Loyola policy number GLM N04849590 and anyone can open a case for you, including family members, or friends.  Make sure to present your CISI ID card at any medical facility that you go to so they know that you have the plan.  The CISI Claim Form explains how you can submit a claim.

Contact OIP as soon as you are able, so we can help monitor your situation and assist.  

How do Loyola employee dependents enroll in insurance? 

The Loyola-related CISI policies are limited to current Loyola employees and students.  Non-Loyola persons (i.e. persons who are neither Loyola employees nor Loyola students) undertaking travel similar to a Loyola-related international trip must in no way impede the Loyola employee and/or student commitments to fulfilling their official duties on the Loyola-related international trip.  

Additional travelers who are not current Loyola employees nor students traveling for Loyola-related business are responsible for booking their own travel, purchasing their own insurance, arranging for billing that is separate from the Loyola travelers, being responsible for their own safety and health, and paying for all costs incurred directly to the travel provider(s).  Additional travelers shall in no way be subsidized by Loyola.  Additional travelers traveling with Loyola employees/students on Loyola-related international travel do so at their own risk and volition.  The Loyola CISI policies don't extend to spouses, dependents, or other guests.  

Should additional travelers be interested in purchasing travel insurance on their own, they may do so.  It's possible for those individuals to purchase insurance directly from CISI at the insurer's Individual Online Enrollment site.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, email

Alana Carroll
Office Coordinator


Brian Johnson, PhD
Director of Study Abroad